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Bath & Body

Bath & Body

Make pampering yourself a part of your daily ritual. Our Body Care... 

Freyja's Daughters Candles

Freyja's Daughters Candles

Whether the candles are for your altar, a ritual or just as... 

  • Bath and Body

    Make Pampering yourself part of your daily ritual!

    Self Care Collection 
  • Our Candles

    All of our Candles are made with the highest quality ingredients.

    We strive to provide, not only an amazing scent experience, but also a spiritual one.

    Each of our candles are enhanced by love and positive vibes.

    Freyja's Daughters Candles 
  • T-Shirts

    I was always on the hunt for those comfy old concert Tees at thrift stores growing up.

    When I found one, it was like I just hit the jackpot.

    Now we can offer you that same soft, worn in feel in a brand new T-shirt.

    T-shirt Collection 
  • Bags

    Totes and Bags Galore

    Totes and Bags Collection 
  • Home Decor

    Velvety Soft Throw Blankets, Pillows and More!

    Home Decor Collection 

Bath and Body

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